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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook stock plummet

The Curious Case of Facebook Stock

Ok, I must admit, I am one of the “suckers” that own Facebook stock and somehow hope that at some point in the not too distant future, Facebook stock will rise above the IPO price. Ok, Ok, fundamentals do mean everything, but when you look at Facebook fundamentals, what is so wrong with them? Yeah the growth has slowed a little, but what maturing company’s growth doesn’t. Enough about that, the real question is and i call it the Trillion dollar question, what does Facebook’s new products need to be in order to make REAL money in the mobile, through their normal platform, and leveraging there reach.

I am gonna offer up some interesting solutions that you may or may not agree with, but you can be sure of this, if Facebook already had these ideas, then they are going to be trillionaires, (if thats a word), if not he can thank me for the help and can hire me at 10,000 dollars an hour to fix his team!!!

Solution 1-Umm this may seem logical but, put a little banner ad at the bottom of every mobile page that shows up all the time and customize that to peoples needs on your Facebook app and mobile platform?? Uhh duh, that is 1 billion in revenue right there!

Solution 2-Sell products with top end merchants and create a customized shopping community, team up with ever major vendor and create a solution and then allow merchants and small business to sell through the Facebook platform in a similar way that you do ads, but take a cut of the revenue….Uhh duh, that is 10 billion right there. Are you telling me that Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, plus restaurants and other business will not sell through Facebook, give them a platform and get rich, i will buy you another 50 programmers to do it, just don’t give them 50 million, pay the 100k and say the money for advertising!!!

Solution 3– Sponsor events, games, venues, you name it market and advertise your brand, yes even Facebook should market, because when you launch products like games, or sell merchandise or even advertising people need to know what you can offer.

Solution 4– Get some damn real sales people and provide some damn customer service…For god sakes you want businesses to spend millions with you in advertising and you have very few sales people and no customer service….Umm my “my sponsor ad isn’t working properly, i need help” well according to Facebook you need to go through 9 million hoops to get help and no phone number. That is just plain stupid, arrogant and makes no damn sense. Sales people work on commission and will become millionaires by helping your customers on Facebook, especially when you sell mobile ads as well. Uhh Duh that is 50 billion right there at a minimum.

Solution 5-Stop hiring new programmers and buying them and make the ones you have actually build something that can make you money. I know I know you scored 1600 on your SAT’s and your a genius and you want to party with other geniuses and drink beer with geniuses and I know you were picked on as a kid and now is getting back at the world by being the Damn CEO, but for goodness sake get some people in there that can sell and don’t want to tinker with javascript all day and figure out the coolest way to use C++ and wondering why Pascal never made it as a programming language. Who cares, conduct business and you will thereby create your social mission, not the other way around!

Solution 6– Create your own games, create your own gaming environment and reach out to your partners like Zynga and figure out how can we all make great fun games and make money from it. I would sit down with EA Sports and other gaming companies that work through traditional means and create the Facebook gaming platform that allows people to play games through Fbook. Uhh not as much a duhh but 1-10 billion right there!!

Final Solution-I know this is a no brainer, follow linked in’s idea but i have  better one…Don’t limit everyone to 5000 users, charge them if they have more than 5000 users, businesses will love it and people who have lots and lots a friends won’t be limited. Charge people to buy physical pictures from their digital ones…umm 1 bill in rev right there. How about charging to add friends who are not in their network, say unlimited friends who have no connection to you for 29.99 a month, i will bet over 10 million people would do that alone!! lets see that would only be 300 million in revenue a month and 3.6 billion a year.

Ok enough solutions, if they can’t figure that i out, they can call me and i will tell them how to do it, so i can get my damn stock price to move up!! Zuckerberg put that 1600 SAT to work. I know you got married and you found love but the responsibility of running a company is much great than yourself.

If these solutions get done the stock price will be somewhere north of 80 dollars a share and investors will be in a windfall!! Business is business and its time for the 28 year old CEO to become a mature leader and take his company into the world of business before it goes the way of the dead. (see friendster below)


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