VOTE!: Which Olympic Countries Brew Great Beer? Reply

With the Olympics underway, we get to see countries around the world compete to determine who is the best of the best at riveting feats of skill and prowess like gymnastics, swimming and…uhhh…table tennis.� Seriously, they made table tennis an Olympic sport?� What’s next, Bocce?

Anyway, as with many important international events, I quickly get bored and start thinking about beer.� In this case, I began to wonder what the results would look like if beer-loving folks could cast a vote for all the countries competing the 2012 Games that make decent beer.� Which countries would get the most votes, and which ones would be left out?�

I created the poll below to find out.� Participating is easy – simply select ALL the countries on the list that you think make decent beer.� You don’t have to rank them or anything, just ask yourself, “when I hear Czech Republic, do I think ‘decent beer’?”� If so, check the Czechs – it’s simple.� Once everyone’s voted, we’ll see who comes out on top.

You’ll notice that not all the countries participating in the Olympics made it onto the poll.� I tried to be realistic and keep the list easy to navigate by excluding countries like Surinam, Yemen and the 180 other places that are participating in the Games but don’t have much of a shot at winning an international beer competition.� While it’s cute that Jamaica once had a bobsled team, I’m not going to pretend that Iran is the next global craft beer hotspot, especially when they’ll�arrest, lash, and then execute�you for drinking a beer there.

via VOTE!: Which Olympic Countries Brew Great Beer?.

via VOTE!: Which Olympic Countries Brew Great Beer?.

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