Penn State Players Must Make Tough Decisions 1

Penn State FootballCoaches after the Big Ten Media day had various takes on whether they would go after players. Many thought that they may, other said that they wouldn’t and other said if players pursued them they would pursue back. Lane Kiffin has made no bones about going after Silas Redd and many Penn State players may have opportunities to go elsewhere, so what should they do? This is a tough one, do you stay loyal? Do you pursue your best interest? What is in your best interest? If I was a Penn State pursuing or staying comes down to three fundamental things.

1. Where is the program going? Due to the amazing controversy, increased scrutiny and most importantly death like sanction, i do not think this is a program that can maintain its status. Within 1 year players will start leaving in droves and the new ones will not be talented. The program is shot for 10 years unless Coach O’Brien is Knute Rockne and I don’t think Knute Rockne can save this one.

2. Will I see the field? If my objective is to see the field, then if i am playing and may not elsewhere than i stay if i am a backup and have a FREE opportunity to leave, I simply as my Iron Maiden would say “Run to the Hills, Run for your Life!” Go start somewhere and have a nice college career.

3. Do I want to answer questions about Paterno and Penn State all the time? I think this a big one, this is a distraction, the players have nothing to do with it and yet all they are gonna do all day long is answer questions from students, faculty and media about everything to do with the program. Who wants that headache? Why have to defend, discuss or deal with Paterno questions about his character and Sandusky questions about his blatant monstrous, disgusting behavior to say the least!

Finally, the Penn State players giving a united front was nice, but that will collapse as players begin to think, how can i  accomplish my goals under a cloud of controversy.

See below this will go on all year

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