Change Must Happen! Reply

Here is 5 important Reason That Change Must Happen in November. If we continue to allow Obama to be President then America will be in serious trouble. We are in danger of becoming like the European countries who cant pay for anything, who dont work for anything and do not create jobs or business. Whether people like it or not, the products you buy help buy other products. The less you get taxed the more money in your pocket, the more money you consume, the money you save and the more jobs get created. America runs a cyclical relationship between business success and programs being made. The less business the less programs. Actually, if Obama was really smart if he want to create bigger government he would do that by easing taxes, because by easing taxes you generate more business, more money and more hiring. More hiring and more money creates higher demand for more government based services like teachers, police officers, and firemen. Look no further than America’s inner cities, in Paterson, NJ police officers are getting cut and it is needed most in Paterson. What is the reason, very simple, no tax dollars, because of low employment, high unemployment and little business revenue, business leave and then there is no money for government services. You cannot get blood from a stone! In stark contrast look at upper class communities, high business, high revenue of their citizens and better more compensated government projects.

Five Reason for Change:

1. Unemployment is at an all time high-this is a fact, 8% plus nationwide unemployment for 40 plus months….this is unacceptable and taxing businesses and citizens that make money just makes the situation worse

2. Small Business must succeed for America to Succeed- Obama has crushed small business by taxing them, crushing them with lack of support, and by closing down lending policies

3. Rise in taxes, Rise in Health Care- What Obama doesnt tell you is that you , yes you pay for the universal health care in taxes both direct and indirect. Increase in business taxes means decrease in pay for employees, Increase in taxes on working america means increase in everything including healthcare

4. Foreign relations- Obama wont visit Israel our biggest ally. Obama is against having America as a power and making sure our allies know we are behind them. He does not decifer between friends and foes

5. Socialism- American was built on living your dreams, taking chances and reaching for the moon and hopefully you land among the stars. Obama is for hand out, lower equality and keeping everyone down. His goal is to bring everyone down to a fundamentally low level together instead of raising our lower level higher. Its a slap in the face to every poor person financially in america. Obama basically says you cant make it, so we will bring more to you, instead of saying pick yourself up and make something great happen.

His Speech Below says it all.

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